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June 17 ~ The Magic Thing // Objects of Desire

With this new workshop series performers, technologists, scientists and designers are invited to collaborate on the topic of augmented bodies, embodied cognition and extended emotion, with as goals to imagine new ways to bend and distort senses; to co-devise an augmented performance; and to create emotional spaces polarized around physical and virtual objects.
You can find more information about the workshop on our Facebook event page . << Footage and photos are available here >>.



We held a workshop entitled Coding Performance: Algorithms & Rituals at Re:Publica 2018, during which we ran a short social experiment to explore the implications of instincts adapting to machines; of artificial intelligences becoming cultural artefacts; of algorithms monitoring the social computer. As a group, we performed interactive exercises for ritualising human-machine collaboration, and devise a minimal compositional piece based on modern routines viewed from different vantage points.
Take a peek into this workshop. << Footage available here >>.



A immersive performance, Searching for The Lighthouse explores human rituals devoted to coping with the enigmatic character of algorithmic logic. Using sound art, reactive devices and biosensors to augment physical theatre, it stages the hopeful search for an incantation able to appease forces of an artificial nature—signals once domestic gone feral.
The performance took place at Liebig12, Berlin. << Footage available here >>.



REPLICA’s operations have launched with a first workshop with co-hosted by Joana Chicau and Diana Neranti. Our guest for the weekend, Joana’s practice of live coded performances explores the interconnections between natural and programming languages. Diana’s input merges viewpoint techniques with reactive devices and fiction, creating a mental space to be explored through movement.
The workshop took place at Kunstkooperative Kreuzberg. << Footage available here >>.



REPLICA is a physical theatre platform to invent and rehearse future realities.

It welcomes performers, directors and scientists wishing to collaborate on imagining tomorrow’s rituals, to devise new interaction models for humans and technologies, and to prototype tools, cultures and rituals.

Behavioural data is gathered from algorithmically augmented workshops, during which various techniques and concepts are evaluated, and informs the devising of performances. It is also archived and made available for research purposes.

In a world of wearable technologies and digital colonisation, these anticipative explorations investigate the intelligence of moving bodies, new folklores and identities through algorithmic choreography. Which systems of values are we embedding into our machines?

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  • Gray Matters

  • ■■■■■■■ _ performance
  • ~ hkw berlin 2017
  • ~ spektrum berlin 2017
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  • The Lighthouse

  • ■■■■■■■ _ performance
  • ~ Liebig12 berlin 2018
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  • Cranes

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  • The Lighthouse

  • ■■■■■■■ _ hosted
  • ~ Kunstkooperativ Kreuzberg
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