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  • Capturing Emotions & The Blueprints Of Movement

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They spotted her from a distance by her unique movement signature. Her gait, a little bouncy and yet smoothly fluid, and this slender limp in her right leg – a small injury from long time ago, ossified in this particular way. Balanced and unbalanced at the same time, fuzzy, logic. Her nervousness, perfectly captured in the slight swing of the head, her chin always rising at a very precise angle above the chest. She automatically stopped in front of the door, hesitant. She changed her mind, and walked away.


Harvesting movement provides insight about a person. We all carry a history, imprinted in our bodies, and each of us has a unique way of moving. Inimitably ours? Machines are capable of precise execution. Can they be taught to move the same way we do? To dance? What do our movements tell about us? Machine learning techniques are powerful tools of self-discovery, capable to reveal our body’s possibilities and limitations.
Blueprints of Movement is a proposal to playfully explore the abilities of bodies in motion, a dance experiment based on methods of performative inquiry and reflection. A dancer, covered in sensors harvesting biometric information, improvises. Data is collected over several iterations, and patterns analysed using machine learning techniques. Their graphical representation is displayed behind the dancer and the signals, converted as they are produced and combined with previously collected data into an expressive audiovisual output, feed in turn the aesthetics of the piece and re-inspire the performing bodies – showing the invisible via an abstract landscape built from biofeedback loops and algorithmic logic. The AI predicts the next move of the dancer, and displays it to the audience – a live forecast on the dynamics of dance.

Corollaries are the holographically projection of the next posture over the dancer’s body, and the extraction of the essence of movement from daily life, its patterns, rituals and repetitions, to construct a choreography. Photo taken by Karol Jarek at B


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  • ~ spektrum berlin 2017
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