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  • ~ public-space Anywhere 2019

- Yes, birds used to be dinosaurs, she said with her dreamy eyes, slanted left to better appreciate the scaffoldings. - Linear dragons. Metal skeletons. - Catching the trails of a silver plane, hiding into the clouds. - Up there must be windy, she thought, and for a moment reminisced her fear of heights. Not everyone can be a crane technician. – Standing on giants’ shoulders, one can see beyond the invisible, an ant once said.


Half mechanical dance, half land art, Cranes is a monumental performance dedicated to bridging cultures over walls by hovering high above man-made boundaries – a score for three building cranes playing with light and sound – that of the city, that of the wind going through the streets. The cranes’ utilitarian function has obviously been hijacked, as they now draw white vertical flags in which patterns are cut out. They perform a slow dance, silently framing lattices with lattices, casting shadows atop shadows. Microphones in the flags record the ambient sound of the city, high up enough that the details stop being relevant – it’s mostly wind, and a faint industrial hum. Depending on the viewing angle the dance changes, its patterns are uncontrollable like these of moving bodies, like entire populations migrating. On the machines we are high enough that none of this matters.

The project is being developed as an in-situ urban intervention for cities that have been, or still are, preventing in one way or another the natural flow of populations.


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  • ~ hkw berlin 2017
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