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When I reached the party everyone was talking about the new record that had just been set – almost double what Scantildt had done in her Blue Terror. What’s more, it was by a small boy with barely a complete skill set, no one saw it coming and all raved about the numbers. A man with a double chin breathed his defiance in my face. “Over nine thousand, can you believe it?” He screamed unapologetically: How did his heart not turn to shreds?
Adrenaline is a hormone naturally and constantly synthesised by the human body, at a rate that is affected by specific circumstances: by putting oneself in a situation perceived as dangerous; by being startled; by the consumption of certain psychoactive substances. The resulting adrenaline rush sparks instinctive reactions – fight-or-flight reflexes – and intensive emotions.


Endangered Bodies explores a future where risks are at an all-time low, making the need for excitement more present than ever. Danger Machines are devised, replicated and improved. Most popular are the TCFC, which countless variations all consist in letting a menacing object fall on the user, only to be stopped in-extremis before contact; Eternal Damnations leading users into wearing themselves out with hunger, thirst and sleep deprivation; and Pandora which can potentially startle in a million different ways – electric shock, ice water, falling, deafening sound – only to use one, always unexpected.
The program proposes workshops during which performers, whose body signals are monitored and contribute to the Capturing Emotions & database, interact with machines designed to make them feel heightened levels of anxiety.

The workshop series leads to two different performances during which workshop participants become facilitators of the audience involvement in the experiment: Eternal Damnations, a public piece devised as a durational piece; and Room 101, where visitors en


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