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Unfold is a group of people interested in the intersection of technology, art, science, and politics. Giving value to the lived experience that every human being can access, we aim to create an inclusive environment exploring human-computer interaction to discover, unfold, perform, hack, and connect our ineffable perception. As technology becomes more and more connected with our personal sphere, we feel the need for a public project and group in which it is possible to discuss, experiment, create, and discover how we can understand embodied cognitive processes in relation to their context and environment. This implies a political role of our individual activities and choices, as they affect more clearly our society. Based on this motivation and topic, we want to welcome any activity that helps us discover perception in relation to ourselves, to others, and to our environment: a performance or an installation, a body and/or mind exercise, a software or hardware to experience, a text to read and discuss together, or an idea to realize with others. We invite experts, professionals, and also any interested human being to come and find connections, to propose and accept, to experiment and experience.

Unfold community is initiated by Sentire and REPLICA, and has monthly meetings in Spektrum Berlin.


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