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Please turn your phones off, and follow me. Listen. It's faint but it's there, regular and chaotic. Watch your step. For centuries we wondered where lives the soul. Let’s keep exploring. What does it sound like? Aha! Excellent question. To your right, we bottle tears. Care for a sample? Surprisingly sweet, heh? Here, memories are being processed. The electric hum is usually louder. You like the colours? Just you wait. This one is my personal favourite. Beg your pardon? I can’t tell you yet, but you’re in for a treat.


A multimedia performance examining interdisciplinary and international representations and perceptions of the human brain, Gray Matters integrates science, technology, art and cultural history to raise questions about the dichotomy between matter and mind, the ownership and privacy of somatic data, and ethics in traditional and modern medicine across the world. Drawing from the aesthetics of medical traditions, the performance imagines new rituals for harvesting data from the body and deciphering the mysteries of the mind.

Gray Matters was curated by Yidi Tsao and premiered in March 2017 at the Forecast Forum at Haus der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin.


Gray Matters Icon
  • Gray Matters

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  • ~ spektrum berlin 2017
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