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Checking the lines. I am between the lines. I am doing a good job.


Interconnected explores the notion of faith and trust between humans blindly, bravely stepping into the future and the colourful, playful, noisy machines guiding them into a chaos of their own making—glitched safeguards struggling to manage the irrational humanity. A piece in three acts and on three floors, Interconnected is distributed throughout an evening, showing snippets of a broader ritual to connect human and machine. Rooted in the network, we become the sentient fabric of society—smitten souls connected through time and space. We ping our ancestors and capture their spirits within a net of cultural associations, wired by the global bubbling of neural meshes, and the lights of our screens shed a stellar radiance on our intimacy. In this mesmerising landscape of lights and shadows we are alone, connected, navigating the ever- changing gradient between personal and universal. A rusted mechanism crunches data amidst erratic cubes of light and the smell of freshly ground coffee, weaving together the material and the intangible, the original and the copy. In speech as well as in movement unravels an interplay of possible futures, in which humans negotiate agency with their machines, questioning how much freedom is left for the autonomous soul continuously checking the lines of interconnectedness— points, counterpoints, rebellious thoughts and rewards. High speed sparkles and a talent for complex calculations fail to conceal limited behaviours, the boundaries of prescribed parameters akin to the make-believe free will of imperfect beings, rearranged by the notion of omniscient consciousness. Interconnected by dysfunctional thoughts, panning back and forth between error and awakening, intimate and universal, physical and virtual, we are doing a good job at pondering possibilities.

Interconnected was presented at DAT QUAD Festival at STATE Studio in October 2018.


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