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No, I’m not celebrating. I don’t know, it’s just, it never was something we do. Sure it’s tradition, but we’ve sorta outgrown it, when my parents moved here, and possibly before that, when their parents and their parents’ parents kept hopping from one place to the next. For a while, they told me, rituals were an important thing to uphold, it was the roots, the story, the journey even. With time, they diluted, they merged with new ones, they took new meanings. They’re still part of my DNA, in a way, more like recessive genes though.


MythMaking Machines is a performance built around technology as a means for self-investigation around the themes of history and migration, as a way to better understand current cultural and geopolitical dynamics. Two performers, whose DNA has been tested to reveal genetic background and deduce a history of their ancestors – their journey, their cultures, their exiles. Fictional narratives are then fabricated and turned into a script, with lines of dialogue algorithmically assigned through artificial intelligence.
Tremendous shifts of populations around the globe – migrations due to wars, economic imbalance and search for opportunities – are part of the global landscape, a world become more globalised with the development of technologies. Yet, as the narratives of displaced people remain fragmented, the theme of exile and the ontological mutation it creates on one’s psyche becomes relevant. Technology now allows us to peek into our genetic heritage. Analysing DNA we can analyse our ancestors provenance, trace their journey around the world, and gain a wider perspective in understanding native and foreign spaces. As aggregations of cultures, mythologies and collective dreams, our personal histories incorporates these of our ancestors and echo the journeys of “non-belonging” encrypted in our DNA.


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