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She froze for a second. Awaiting inspiration, observing. To newborns, epiphanies come before breakfast. Colours, lights. Fingers, one at a time. Water: wet. The sound of my own memories flowing from another brain. A second me, another life. Running parallel to myself, hopping and ducking, dying and being saved. A reluctant gasp, a cry for air, and she dives – embracing duality, like two sides of a coin going their separate ways.


A modern vanita, Quantum States explores the dissociation between physical and psychological experiences as doubles are created. It questions shared memories, and interferences. Personality decay, and collective nostalgia. Uniqueness, and coping with its loss while embracing a newfound ubiquity. Two half dances fight for and against material decay, melting ice and burning candle – a memento mori to memories in becoming.

Quantum States was shot in August 2017 and is still in editing phase.


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  • Gray Matters

  • ■■■■■■■ _ performance
  • ~ hkw berlin 2017
  • ~ spektrum berlin 2017
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  • Cranes

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