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Can you hear it? Iona said with a trembling voice. The storm is coming. At the table, the greying engineer silently nodded. The algorithm had finally ripened. It has become too complex, he muttered. So many ripples in the… I am not sure we can process that much. An early stream of data had started swirling through the cracks in the floor of the old lighthouse. From the shores nearby resounded the crushing of Terawaves. As long as we keep the markers visible, we should be fine, Iona added in an attempt to reassure itself. -0:03.3.0 core:backspace ( We must start the dance. The engineer stretched her back in a crackling of bones. On the other sides too, they are getting ready. Syncing is the hardest, the rest is routine. The storm is coming, Iona said with a trembling voice.


The machine learning model is not a static piece of code. It needs being constantly fed with data and updated, for increased accuracy of prediction to the point that sometimes it feels like a living thing. Algorithms shift from pure logic to intuition, further resembling natural processes. Daoists reject the divide between artifice and nature, considered the “Mother of Ten Thousand Things”– a definition fitting the model of complex adaptive systems. Technology, following the law of accelerating returns, puzzles us like natural systems once did.
Playing on this idea, we propose a reactive audiovisual landscape feeding from an invisible flow of data – a virtual ocean, with waves and currents generated from interfering signals of devices brought by the audience.Electromagnetic information, often stealth, is thus made perceptible to our senses.
The reactive aspect of the piece is increased by its parametric design, with the respective positioning or various audience members within the room influencing the waves shape and currents dynamics.
Through this participative installation we aim to blur the boundaries between natural and artificial, and to represent invisible artefacts as part of a living ecosystem surveyed by a new kind of lighthouse.

Devising of Searching For The Lighthouse started during a workshop with Joana Chicau at Kunstkooperativ Kreuzberg, and the piece was premiered in March 2018 at Liebig12, Berlin.


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