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I looked her in the eye and saw the small electrical pulse flickering with a daunting vivacity. What is she thinking about? I felt her scanning my thoughts, thousands of frames per second, her smooth digital nerves analysing probabilities, measuring my reactions. Breathe in, breathe out. Barely perceptible, the pulse in my iris had already betrayed my mood. With an ice-cold smile, she handed me a hot cup of coffee. Take this, she said. You’ll feel much better. I took the cup. She smiled again.


Rapid advances in technology underpin the sociocultural evolutions of modern society: as digital processes become the norm, a new era of connectivity and interaction with artefacts dawns. Invisible and unintelligible to the untrained mind, algorithms feel like magic – dauntingly unfathomable calculating speeds intimidate, threaten even. As we build digital cathedrals and invent a new hybrid mythology, one question lingers: should we trust intelligences so different from our own? The fear of losing control is overpowering, but technology may enhance our cognitive abilities – ultimately helping further define what it means to be human.
This is a trust exercise designed for human and machine. A blindfolded participant, equipped with an ear-piece through which Angela – our AI entity – whispers instructions in natural language. With Angela’s help, whose presence is made visible to the audience, participants walk around the room, avoiding obstacles, running at times, and are rated according to their trust level towards the machine.

Trust Angela is currently focusing on training and research, with the long-term goal to contribute to the devising of a human/machine collaborative performance.


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