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Curated by artist collective without appeal and transdisciplinary performance group REPLICA, Pure Affect focuses on new narratives generated at the intersection of new-media art and physical performance practices, promoting rhizomatic processes to reemphasise commonalities in spaces of dissonance. Through this platform we engage with new speculative strategies and emotionally charged textures by collating immersive soundscapes — based on the experimental use of field recordings and generative music — with body-based transmedia performances. Titled Spaces of Dissonance, the first session of Pure Affect presents hybrid sound, visual and movement performances, as well as an interactive installation, all exploring new vantage points scattered in time and space from which to comment upon contemporary social conundrums.

Pure Affect premieres at Atelier Äuglein as part of Vorspiel 2019.


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  • Gray Matters

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  • ~ hkw berlin 2017
  • ~ spektrum berlin 2017
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  • Cranes

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